Aqua Motion

 Body work in the water

•Begins with some active facilitated stretching

•Quickly reduces pain, restore flexibility and create relaxation

•Breaks down fascia adhesions that restrict flexibility

•Resulting in more joint space

•Reduces impingements

•Improves muscular, neurological, vascular, and hormonal dysfunctions

• It inspires healing through Therapeutic Sound, Restorative

•Movement and Healing waters while floating with a Practitioner.

vision yourself floating in a warm pool being supported, while listening to the music of your choice, totally relaxing. This experience is unlike anything you have experienced before!

• Sound Therapy introduces frequencies and vibration

• Sound travels 5x faster through water

• Specially developed sound tracks which can be chosen from our medical music library. Choose tracks for relaxation, meditative, or healing. The music can be played on CD, DVD player or downloaded to your device.

To find out more about Aqua Motion™ 
Contact Kathleen Haden

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